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New Resources


A Referral and Information Guide on British Family Law, Sharia Law and Women’s Rights, August 2011 [internal link]

One Law for All Spokesperson Anne Marie Waters provides guidance to lawyers on the discriminatory nature of Sharia law’s family code and its violation of British law and public policy:

One Law for All Spokesperson Anne Marie Waters provides guidance to women who feel pressured into going to Sharia courts on the real distinctions between UK civil law and discriminatory Sharia law:

New One Law for All flyer for download [internal link]

Enemies not Allies: The Far-Right, One Law for All report, August 2011 [internal link]

Apostasy and Asylum in the united Kingdom guidelines by the Council of ex-muslims of Britain[internal link]

CEMB guidelines For Ex-Muslims and Frontline Practitioners [internal link]

Know your rights under the British family law, One Law for All factsheet, September 2010 [internal link]

Sharia Law in Britain: A Threat to One Law for All and Equal Rights, June 2010 [internal link]

One Law for All Campaign against Sharia Law in Britain leaflet [Download]


Posters for download and distribution [internal link]


A review of the Muslim Personal/Family Law Campaign, Canadian Society of Muslims, August 1995 [external link]

Advice to Gays and Lesbians, Islamic Sharia Council [external link]

Afkhami, Mahnaz and Erika Friedl, eds. In the Eye of the Storm: Women in Post-Revolutionary Iran. Syracuse, New York: Syracuse University Press, 1994 [external link]

Arbitration Act 1991 (Canada) [external link]

Arbitration Act 1996 (UK) [external link]

Court rules Islamic law discriminatory, The Independent, 23 Oct 2008 [external link]

Crimes of the community, Honour-based violence in the UK, Centre for Social Cohesion, second edition, 2010 [external link]

Deeming Shariah as Incompetent, Islamic Sharia Council [external link]

Divorce, Iranian Style [external link]

Divorce, Sharia Style, Channel 4, February 2008 [external link]

Faith-Based Arbitration and Mediation in the UK, Lawyers Secular Society [external link]

Fears over non-Muslims’ use of Islamic law to resolve disputes, The Guardian, 14 March 2010 [external link]

Five executed on 9 May for enmity against God, Iran Solidarity, 13 May 2010 [external link]

Gaza Women denied inheritance rights, Jerusalem Post, 7 March 2010 [external link]

Guidelines for Ex-Muslims and Frontline Practitioners, Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain, May 2010 [external link]

How Islam views homosexuality, IslamOnline [external link]

Human Rights test case call for sharia law, Law Society Gazette, 24 June 2010 [external link]

I would be executed in Iran for this [external link]

Imam’s biased against women, BBC Asian Network, 15 December 2008 [external link]

In the name of the law, The Guardian, 14 June 2007 [external link]

International Campaign against Sharia Court in Canada [external link]

Iranian women to be filmed and fined if they don’t wear the veil right, Firat News Agency, 27 May 2010 [external link]

Islamic [in]justice, on the establishment of an Islamic court in Canada, Maryam Namazie, 8 March 2004 [external link]

Islamic court condemns author who depicts Jesus as homosexual, The Independent, 30 October 1999 [external link]

Islamic Family Arbitration, Justice and Human Rights in Britain, Samia Bano, University of Reading, 6 December 2007 [external link]

Islamic perspective on child custody after divorce, Islamic Sharia Council [external link]

Islamic Sharia Council [external link]

It’s time to take a stand against Islam and Sharia, Times, March 11, 2008 [internal link]

Khula case, Islamic Sharia Council [external link]

Launch of One Law for All Campaign, House of Lords, 10 December 2008 [internal link]

Malaysia postpones caning of woman for Ramadan, Amnesty International, 24 August 2009 [external link]

Maryam Namazie on new Sharia report, BBC Breakfast TV, 20 June 2010 [internal link]

Morocco: Ramadan fast break protestors arrested, Women Living Under Muslims Laws, 17 September 2009 [external link]

Muslim Arbitration Tribunal [external link]

Muslim leaders’ death threat calls over dress, The Express, 7 March 2010 [external link]

On the Testimony of Women, Islamic Sharia Council [external link]

One Law for All Campaign [internal link]

One Law for All Seminar on Sharia Law, 8 March 2010 [internal link]

Opinions Of The Lords Of Appeal For Judgement In The Cause EM (Lebanon) (FC) (Appellant) (FC) v Secretary of State for the Home Department [2008] UKHL 64 on appeal from :[2006] EWCA Civ 1531 [external link]

Parwez Kambakhsh sentenced to 20 years, RAWA News, 21 October 2008 [external link]

Pregnant Nigerian seeks Sharia asylum, BBC, 22 August 2002 [external link]

Q&A: ‘Divinely Ordained Law Makes Abolition More Difficult,’ interview with Maryam Namazie, IPS, 2 December 2008 [external link]

Recognizing the Un-Recognized: Inter-Country Cases and Muslim Marriages & Divorces in Britain, WLUML Publications, January 2006 [external link]

Saudi, 2 Yemenis suffer amputation, Sodomy Laws, 13 February 2000 [external link]

Scots Lawyers lead way with Sharia advice, Sunday Herald Scotland, 7 March 2010 [external link]

Sharia a threat to Britain’s future as ‘tolerant’ society, Times, 30 December 2009 [external link]

Sharia court frees London knife youths, This is London, 8 February 2008 [external link]

Sharia Delusions in Canterbury, Mona Eltahawy, Women Living Under Muslim Laws, 14 February 2008 [external link]

Sharia law ‘could have a UK role,’ BBC, 4 July 2008 [external link]

Sharia law courts operating in Britain, Telegraph, 16 Sept 2008 [external link]

Sharia law in UK is ‘Unavoidable,’ BBC, 7 February 2008 [external link]

Sharia law is proposed, BBC, 10 December 2009 [external link]

Sharia law or One Law for All, Civitas, June 2009 [external link]

Sharia law, The Guardian, 20 August 2002 [external link]

Sharia, BBC [external link]

The Family Statute Law Amendment Act 2005 (Canada) [external link]

Vs Sharia, Maryam Namazie, Independent World, February 1, 2010 [external link]

We have had to flee to escape Sharia, Maryam Namazie, Guardian, Another Thought for the Day, 18 February 2009 [Internal Link]

We want to offer Sharia law, The Telegraph, 20 January 2008 [external link]

What isn’t wrong with Sharia law, Maryam Namazie, Guardian’s Legal Website, 5 July 2010 [external link]

Williams under fire in Sharia row, BBC, 8 February 2008 [external link]

Women are being beheaded for taking their veil off in Iraq, Alternet, 30 April 2008 [external link]

Women’s Rights and Sharia, NPTI [external link]

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